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Victor Hege, born in Paris in 1992, grew up in a musical family of seven in the South of France. Victor began to play music at 5 years old. The first instrument he learned to play was the euphonium at the « Conservatoire de Musique » in Nîmes, taught by Patrick Maurin. At 13 years old, Victor played his first concerts with different streetbands. At 15, he took up tuba and the sousaphone, and played with the street orchestra « Peña La Gardounnenque » for four years; they performed more than a hundred concerts a year. At 16, he played his first solo concert with orchestra, with the « orchestre des cordes du conservatoire de Nîmes ».


In 2010, Victor moved to Basel, Switzerland to study classical tuba with David Leclair. In 2013, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and by 2016 he completed a master’s degree in Music Pedagogy. In 2019, Victor further pursued a second master in Jazz Performance/Composition/Production in Basel, under Bänz Öster, Andre Buser and Guillermo Klein, and he finally graduated in 2021 with high honors. 


He build up a lot experience during his studies, and he networked with a great number of classical and jazz musicians, some of whom taking part in many projects with Victor. He played on stage for many festivals: Openair St. Gallen (CH), Gurten Festival  (CH), Openair Frauenfeld (CH), Lucerne Festival (CH), Willisau Jazz Festival (CH), Süd-Tirol Jazz  Festival (IT) and Jazzahead in Bremen (DE). In 2012, Victor formed his first  band « Error 404 Band Not Found », and they played in various locations in Europe. Around the same time, he played as a Sousaphonist for the Fischermann Orchestra for seven years, touring through Europe and South America, and receiving the award « Jazz Preice Luzern » in 2014. From 2014 to 2018, Victor toured regularly through Switzerland and Europe with « Pull up Orchestra » and the Balkan brassband «Traktorkestar ».


Since 2019, Victor has been composing, producing, acting, and being the sole musician for the theater company « Les mêmoires d’Hélène ». Together with the company, they created the succesful play « Pseudologia Phantastica » which was played more than twenty times in Switzerland, and will be played at the famous « Fusion Festival » in June 2022. 


Since 2016, Victor has also been working in close collaboration with the Dominican female rapper « La Nefera » with whom he has received many awards. With La Nefera, he co-directs the project, produces the music and plays the sousaphone and the euphonium . At the moment, he’s leading various projects: his brassband « Error 404 Feat. La Nefera », his octet « Belinda Bones », his jazz quartet, and his educational and musical project « Kugawana Project » that takes him to Uganda every year. He also performs a duet with the actress and singer Martina Momo Kunz in their project « I Never Took My Ritalin ». 


Victor also plays with the renowned saxophonist Nicole Johänntgen’s band « Henry » and « Henrietta », with the band « Sacha Love » and with Michael Finger’s project « Finger ».

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