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Seven horns, two drummers, one Dominican rapper girl and a heavy load of balkan, funk and hip-hop.

Yes, the name „Error 404“ refers to the famous internet problem report „page not found“ but as soon as this band is on stage they are not at all hard to find. The virtuous horn section, the sharp tongued rap and the ear-deafening percussion create a sudden desire to dance.


The band was founded by the Sousaphone player Victor Hege in 2012 and has developed from a random bunch of talented musicians from all around the world to a fixed formation with La Nefera at the frontline. Together they’ve built up an explosive repertoire that puts every stage in Europe on fire.


The first Album Fisch Dich has been published in 2017, likewise the first video clip named Schmetterling. The latter allows a peep into the second upcoming album that will be released in autumn 2018.

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