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Victor Hege 




+41 78 690 76 59

La Nefera

(as co-leader)

Hiphop/Trap: Vocal, drums, sousaphone/euphonium and keys

Original music from La Nefera & Victor Hege

Belinda Bones

New album online!
Jazz Octet : 4 trombone, 2 drums, sousaphone and keys.


Original music from Victor Hege

I never took my ritaline

ADHD Hiphop duo with actress/singer Martina Momo Kunz.

Production by Victor Hege

Error 404 Feat. La Nefera

(New Album coming in November)

Balkan/Hiphop Brass Band:

Vocal, 2 trumpet, 2 sax, 2 trombone, sousaphone, drums and percusion.

Original music from Victor Hege

Victor Hege Orchestra 

Jazz Orchestra

Original music from Victor Hege

Booking from 2024

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